Stake joins Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon — a case study.

3 min readOct 18, 2023
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In the fast-evolving landscape of finance, the demand for sophisticated investment tools is higher than ever. Stake is addressing this need with a suite of AI-powered investment tools that promise to revolutionize how we approach investing.

In this post, we’ll dive into our recent participation in the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon and learn how Stake can helpusers to find alpha, gain portfolio insights, and automate transactions seamlessly.

Join us as we explore how Stake is simplifying the world of finance.

Stake: A New Era of Finance

Stake’s vision is crystal clear: they are here to disrupt the traditional world of finance. No more clunky dashboards or juggling multiple browser tabs.

As part of the UXD Protocol-sponsored A.I. Track during the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon, Stake set out to create an AI assistant that goes above and beyond simple text completion. The result? A suite of AI investment tools that are about to redefine how we invest.

Effortless On-Chain Data Search

Stake leverages the power of Alchemy API and AI text recognition to simplify on-chain data search.

Say goodbye to the headaches of sifting through complex on-chain data. With Stake, users can effortlessly find the top Solana accounts by lamports with a simple query. Just ask, and you shall receive. The AI assistant handles the rest, saving you valuable time and effort.

On-chain search is a fantastic feature, but Stake’s AI agents take it a step further by enabling users to turn alpha into real value. Watch as Stake performs on-chain transactions at your command.

Need to send SOL to another account? Just ask Stake and confirm. It’s that simple. The process is streamlined, making it easier for users to take action and seize opportunities on-chain.

Understanding Your Transactions

Ever been confused about a recent transaction? Stake understands the importance of clarity and provides users with a better understanding of how their money moves.

No more navigating confusing block explorers. With Stake, you can easily track and comprehend your transactions, ensuring that you stay in control of your investments.

Empowering Developers with Stake Plugins

But Stake doesn’t stop there. They offer Stake Plugins, opening up a world of possibilities for teams and protocols across different blockchains. These plugins allow developers to build data and contract integrations rapidly.

Whether you need an API, subgraphs, or protocol integration, the potential is limitless. Stake is not only a tool for investors but also a platform for developers to create and innovate.

Stake’s Mission

At Stake, the mission is clear: to make investing easier for everyone. They are committed to creating products that empower users and simplify their investment journeys.

Early access is available, and you can sign up at As they continue to develop and refine their platform, we can expect more exciting features and innovations that will reshape the future of finance.


Special thanks go to the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon team and organizers, who provided the platform for Stake to showcase their groundbreaking AI-powered investment tools.

This event was a significant stepping stone in Stake’s journey to change the way we invest.


Stake’s participation in the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon and the introduction of Solana plugins for their AI agents represent a significant milestone in the evolution of finance.

With AI-driven features for finding alpha, gaining portfolio insights, and automating transactions, Stake is poised to redefine how we approach investments. The future of finance is here, and it’s accessible to everyone, thanks to Stake.

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